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Precast concrete construction has been proven to be very efficient in bridge engineering, especially in accelerated bridge construction (ABC), where precast concrete components are connected to save time and minimize disruption of traffic. Post-tensioned (PT) concrete structural elements, when combined...


Crashes of heavy trucks with bridge columns are random events with low probability of occurrence. In spite of the low odds, previous collision events have resulted in catastrophic partial or full collapse of bridges. AASHTO-LRFD Bridge Design Specifications requires bridge columns to be designed for...


This study addresses the issue of retrofitting reinforced concrete column/cap joints with advanced carbon-fiber composites using full-scale laboratory specimens.


This report presents a brief historical overview of the development of expansive (shrinkage compensating) concrete. Three Utah Department of Transportation projects using expansive concrete are discussed as to the performance of the expansive concrete. On-site inspections were performed on three projects...

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