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MPC Student of the Year

The Mountain-Plains Consortium Outstanding Student of the Year Award annually recognizes an outstanding transportation student at one of the MPC member universities, Colorado State University, North Dakota State University, South Dakota State University, University of Colorado Denver, University of Denver, University of Utah, University of Wyoming, Utah State University.

Selection of the award winner is based upon accomplishment in technical merit and research, academic performance and professionalism and leadership. The $1,000 award is part of a nationwide effort to recognize and encourage outstanding achievement in students involved with the U.S. Department of Transportation's University Transportation Centers. The MPC is one of 10 competitive University Transportation Centers sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation. More information about the selection process can be found below.

Award Recipients


Selection Process

Each UTC should establish a selection committee consisting of faculty representatives from each consortium university and external reviewers, if desired. This committee will evaluate written documentation submitted by students and will select the awardee from that UTC. The student should submit the following information to the selection committee to assist it in its deliberations:

  • Academic transcript and short vita
  • Nomination letter from at least one faculty member
  • Copy of paper(s) written by the nominee

Selection Criteria

  1. Graduate, undergraduate or high school candidates who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and who have been enrolled for at least two semesters at a UTC consortium-member university are eligible to receive the award. Individuals who have already graduated and who meet the other selection criteria are also eligible for the award.
  2. Eligible candidates must have completed with a grade of B or better at least 12 hours of graduate course work at the time the selection is made, and have a graduate GPA in excess of 3.25 (out of 4.00).
  3. Eligible candidates must have received financial support from the UTC program for at least two semesters prior to receiving the award.
  4. Selection will be based upon accomplishments in three areas:
    • Technical Merit and Research
    • Academic Performance
    • Professionalism and Leadership

Evidence of research merit is based upon faculty nomination and evaluation of submitted written papers or reports. Academic performance is based upon courses attempted and grades attained. Evidence of professionalism and leadership can be in the form of presentations at professional society meetings and symposia, and leadership in student professional activities.

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