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  • Posted: May 21
    Jaclyn Andersen joined UGPTI as a research support specialist with the UGPTI's Rural Transportation Safety and Security Center. She will be involved in a wide range of rural traffic safety research related to driver behavior and agricultural data collection to support local industry decision-making.
  • Posted: Apr 9
    Do you know someone who's contribution to the transportation industry has put North Dakota and the region on the fast track? Do you know someone who has been a leader, a builder, a facilitator, a planner, or a visionary working on behalf of transportation? Please introduce them to us. That individual may deserve one of the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute's annual awards.
  • Posted: Jan 8
    Trucks are an important mode of economic connectivity in rural states like North Dakota. The size/mass difference between 80,000-pound trucks and 4,000-pound passenger vehicles, along with operational differences such as acceleration/deceleration times and turning radiuses, heighten risk for crash events.
  • Posted: Dec 12, 2019
    Andrew Kubas and Kimberly Vachal
    The 24/7 Sobriety Program is an intervention strategy mandating that impaired driving offenders remain sober as a condition of bond or pre-trial release. The goal is to monitor the most at-risk offenders in North Dakota and require that these individuals remain sober in order to keep roadways safe from hazardous drivers.
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