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  • Posted: Feb 9
    Trucks are an important mode of economic connectivity in rural states like North Dakota. The size/mass difference between 80,000-pound trucks and 4,000-pound passenger vehicles, along with operational differences such as acceleration/deceleration times and turning radiuses, heighten risk for crash events.
  • Posted: Jan 30
    UGPTI State Judicial Outreach Liaison and retired judge John Grinsteiner has recently been named as a faculty member for All Rise (formerly the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP). As faculty, Judge Grinsteiner will join the All Rise staff on the road as a facilitator or specialized presenter and subject matter expert.
  • Posted: Dec 8, 2023
    The latest issue of the North Dakota Impaired Driving Newsletter touches on a summary of the 2023 top four major trends in impaired driving. Also included are a list of upcoming training and events along with a training resource listing.
  • Posted: Dec 7, 2023
    Mark Wolter, UGPTI’s truck industry liaison, joined other volunteers from the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association to teach students at the event about the “No-Zone,” the areas behind and beside a commercial truck where the truck driver has limited or zero visibility.
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