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About Us

The Rural Transportation Safety and Security Center (RTSSC) vision is to promote and enhance the region's transportation safety and security through research, education, and outreach, in a partnership with stakeholders. The Center was initiated in collaboration with the North Dakota Department of Transportation under a grant from the Federal Highway Administration.

Transportation safety and security are critical issues for personal and freight mobility. Nearly 42 percent more fatal crashes occur in rural areas than in urban, and the fatality rate for the rural crashes is about twice as high (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2005). Security issues are also a prominent given large the border area, high-volume commercial traffic corridors, and limited security resources.

For safety, our challenge is to work together to continue actively pursue programs and policies that specifically address rural transportation safety. Our initial challenge with security is to understand the risks and issues that are priorities in rural areas. The RTSSC will work with stakeholders to conduct research, education, and outreach that will enhance quality of life through safer and more secure rural transportation.

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