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Staff Presentations


  • How to Write a Research Journal Article (Sep 18, 2020)
    Raj Bridgelall
    Journal articles are critically important research products that share new knowledge with the research community, both locally and internationally. However, writing journal articles can be a daunting task for both students and faculty. This presentation shares an approach to writing scholarly academic...
  • County TWP Tribal Road and Bridge Study Draft Presentation (Jul 21, 2020)
    Dale Heglund, Alan Dybing, Brad Wentz, and Tim Horner
    The presentation was held on July 21, 2020 during a statewide virtual meeting entitled: Sharing the Vision for North Dakota's Transportation System. The presentation gives an overview of the methodology and results of the study of the 20-year investment needs to maintain the unpaved and paved roads and...
  • GRIT: Emergency Events, Updating Construction History and Planning (Apr 7, 2020)
    Dale Heglund, Brad Wentz, Leanna Emmer, and Kelly Bengtson
    Brad Wentz and Kelly Bengtson discussed adding emergency events, updating construction history and planning. Leanna Emmer also shared some tips from the field.
  • The objective of the course is to provide you with a solid understanding of signing basics; including color, shape, size, types, placement, safety and purpose.
  • GRIT 2.0 New Layout (May 16, 2018)
    Brad Wentz
    Brad Wentz discussed GRIT 2.0. The updated Geographic Roadway Inventory Tool (GRIT) features a new interface that increases ease of use while preserving the same great functionality as before.
  • In Search of the Perfect Sign Truck (Jan 24, 2018)
    Dale Heglund
    Dale Heglund from the NDLTAP discussed how the staff has expanded a "You Show Us" award winner into a larger training opportunity through the new Sign Truck Roundtable "Show and Tell" training sessions. This session has replaced the typical classroom format with a hands on line-up of sign trucks and...
  • GRIT Photo Logging (Jan 11, 2018)
    Brad Wentz and Andrew Wrucke
    A new photo-logging feature is being actively developed and tested for GRIT. During this webinar, Brad and Andrew shared the system that is being put together and requests feedback on utilization options and assessment of the test data.
  • Dale Heglund, director of UGPTI's North Dakota Local Technical Assistance Program, described efforts in North Dakota where local road agencies have converted paved roads to engineered unpaved roads. The presentation reviewed roadway degradation and end-of-life solutions for aged jurisdictional transfers...
  • GRIT Highlights and Enhancements (Oct 11, 2017)
    Brad Wentz
    Brad Wentz reviewed GRIT and the layers that should be focused on this Fall. He also highlighted the enhancements made to GRIT since last Spring and provided an overview of the new web viewer maps. Afterwards, the webinar was opened for audience questions and comments, with hopes of learning how to expand...
  • City Projects - Concepts, Costing & Construction (Sep 29, 2017)
    Dale Heglund and Jerod Klabunde
    Dale Heglund, NDSU/NDLTAP Director, and Jerod Klabunde, Moore Engineering Project Manager walk through the process to develop and construct a typical street improvement project.The presentation is meant to help you understand project timelines, funding options, permits, construction bidding, material...
  • The general objective of this research was to develop an intercity mode choice model that could be incorporated into a statewide travel demand model to estimate demand for rural intercity bus services. This presentation describes the study method, which included a stated preference survey and a mixed...
  • SURTC researcher Jeremy Mattson presented results from a study that developed a model for estimating ridership for rural demand-response transit services for the general public. The presentation discussed previous demand models in the literature, factors affecting ridership, the study methods, data availability...
  • This presentation for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Research Summit included information regarding disseminating research results through the Transportation Research Board and its committees.
  • Presentations at Regional Meeting Locations in ND: Infrastructure Needs: North Dakota's County, Township, & Tribal Roads & Bridges 2017-2036
  • Presentations at Regional Meeting Locations in ND: NDDOT TRansportation Innovation Program - TRIP
  • Presentation to the ND Legislative Transportation Committee on Sept. 28, 2016: Infrastructure Needs: North Dakota's County, Township, & Tribal Roads & Bridges 2017-2036
  • This study demonstrates a method for identifying statewide transit needs and gaps, prioritizing investment needs for statewide transit planning, collecting better data for demand-response transit level of service, estimating costs of needed improvements, and projecting future service needs based on projected...
  • Brad Wentz unveils the new Construction Planning layer to the GRIT Steering Committee for review, testing and feedback in the August 8th webinar. Once the Steering Committee has approved the new layer, it will be added to GRIT and released to all counties.
  • Gravel Roads (May 10, 2016)
    Dale Heglund
    The Gravel Roads presentation helps local leaders understand aspects of gravel roads. A review of roadway shape, aggregate gradation, clay binder, roadway problems/solutions provides a solid foundation of knowledge for anyone wanting to understand how to improve gravel roadways. Clay binder is a focal...
  • Brad Wentz and Andrew Wrucke, UGPTI, hosted a March 21, 2016 webinar on GRIT (Geographic Roadway Inventory Tool) to provide county leaders from across the state with information on new layer development, data entry pointers, and the first look at data output through the new Viewer. The webinar expands...
  • This March 1 seminar presentation provided an overview of key technology trends that are steadily transforming our transportation system. Bridgelall provided a sample of research needs that exposed the complexities and interdependencies between transportation supply, transportation demand, performance...
  • A webinar Wednesday, Dec. 9, invited county leaders from across North Dakota to learn more about UGPTI's new asset inventory tool, branded GRIT (Geographic Roadway Inventory Tool). UGPTI staff used the webinar to tell county engineers, road supervisors, consulting engineers and others what the tool is...
  • North Dakota Truck Weight Education (Dec 8, 2015)
    Leanna Emmer
    NDLTAP truck weight expert Leanna Emmer described the new on-line Truck Weight Calculator Dec. 8 at the Associated General Contractors of North Dakota Annual Convention in Fargo. Emmer reviewed ND Legal Weight limits for trucks and introduced the web-based ND Truck Weight Calculator that was launched...
  • Gravel Roads (Dec 2, 2015)
    Dale Heglund
    The Gravel Roads presentation helps local leaders understand aspects of gravel roads. A review of roadway shape, aggregate gradation, clay binder, roadway problems/solutions provides a solid foundation of knowledge for anyone wanting to understand how to improve gravel roadways. Clay binder is a focal...
  • UGPTI County Asset Inventory Toolkit Webinar: GRIT 1.0 (Nov 18, 2015)
    Brad Wentz and Andrew Wrucke
  • Presentation to Interim Transportation Committee of the ND Legislature on November 12, 2015: Status of 2015-16 County and Township Road and Bridge Investment Needs Study
  • How-To Webinar: Needs Study Survey (Sep 23, 2015)
    Alan Dybing, Dale Heglund, Brad Wentz, and Andrew Wrucke
    UGPTI staff provided an overview of the 2015-2017 local road infrastructure needs study for county roads staff across the state and then provided additional detail about the data collection survey, including a description of what is needed for each data field. They also provided an update on other data...
  • Academic Writing (Aug 28, 2015)
    Thomas Jirik
    UGPTI communications coordinator Tom Jirik discussed guidelines, issues and concerns related to academic writing at the Fall 2015 orientation for students in the NDSU Transportation and Logistics Program. Enrico Sassi, director of the NDSU Graduate Center for Writers, provided an overview of the center's...
  • UGPTI County Asset Inventory Toolkit Webinar (Aug 26, 2015)
    Dale Heglund, Brad Wentz, and Tim Horner
  • UGPTI Director Denver Tolliver provided a status report on the local road needs study to the Interim Transportation Committee of the ND Legislature. He described the study and provided an update on progress and improvements to the study. He also outlined general concepts for development of a road and...
  • UGPTI County Asset Inventory Toolkit Webinar (Aug 12, 2015)
    Dale Heglund, Brad Wentz, and Tim Horner
    Development of the Asset Inventory Toolkit is a team effort, led by UGPTI. A steering committee comprised of ten county transportation leaders, NDDOT representative, and NDACo representatives are providing guidance for the UGPTI's Inventory footprint development. The initial webinar, held August 12...
  • Denver Tolliver was invited by USDOT program administrators to present best practices in working with Native Americans on transportation research, workforce development and education programs. Tolliver served as part of a panel discussing minority serving institution involvement at the summer meeting...
  • Driver Retention and Turnover (May 13, 2015)
    Brenda Lantz
    Brenda Lantz presented information on commercial truck driver shortages, competition for drivers and other driver retention issues to the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association at the group's annual convention in Grand Forks.
  • EunSu Lee presented his work to the transportation Sciences and Logistics Cluster at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in San Francisco. His research on ambulance coverage features two new indices: potential accessibility (demand-covered ratio) and potential serviceability (ambulance-covering ratio).
  • County and Local Transportation Needs (Oct 27, 2014)
    Denver Tolliver
    UGPTI Director Denver Tolliver provided an update on the Institute's studies to the North Dakota Transportation Coalition. The update included an overview of several studies underway, a summary of results and remaining tasks and their timeline for completion.
  • In this presentation, SURTC researcher Jeremy Mattson described a project that developed and tested a method for evaluating efforts within a community to build transportation coordination infrastructure and improve community livability. For this study, two surveys were developed and conducted at multiple...
  • Dust Control Update (Sep 18, 2014)
    Dale Heglund
    The presentation provides an update on a UND study on dust's impacts to crops and livestock, an overview of the $3 million dust control study by the ND Infrastructure and Impact Office in Bowman, Dunn and Mountrail Counties, and outlines the potential of using oil production waste water to mitigate the...
  • UGPTI Director Denver Tolliver presented a draft report on the infrastructure needs of North Dakota's county, township and tribal roads and bridges for the next 20 years. The presentation provided highlights from the full report.
  • UGPTI researcher EunSu Lee uses work in North Dakota as an example of how practitioners can use Freight Analysis Framework (FAF) data to support economic analysis, such as cost-benefit studies, freight investment scenarios and other activities.
  • This presentation provided preliminary results of the a study on infrastructure needs of North Dakota's county, township and tribal roads and bridges for the next 20 years. The presentation was given to both the ND Legislature Budget Section and Economic Impact Committee.
  • This presentation for the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association Annual Convention included information regarding the Field Operational Test of FMCSA’s Wireless Roadside Inspection Research Program.
  • From the Badlands to the Maritimes (Apr 4, 2014)
    Bill Thoms and Karen Thoms
    The presentation highlights reasons for the high volume of oil being moved from the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota to refineries including those in the Canadian Atlantic provinces. Also discusses circumstances surrounding the tragic train wreck and subsequent fire in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, that involved...
  • USDOT Safety Council hears update on Bakken Traffic. As part of his presentation Feb. 28, UGPTI Director Denver Tolliver also described the new ND Transportation Safety Advisory Committee.
  • Overview of Programs and Activities (Feb 27, 2014)
    Denver Tolliver
    Director Denver Tolliver provided an overview of UGPTI programs and activities to the ND State Board of Higher Education.
  • This presentation informed the Interim Energy Development and Transmission Committee on the status of the Needs Study of North Dakota Roads and Bridges.
  • Western North Dakota Dust Control (Feb 4, 2014)
    William Anderson
    This presentation provides an overview of the recent dust control efforts that are being used in the western North Dakota oil producing counties. Additionally, product evaluations and roadway conditions are reviewed.
  • This presentation informed the Interim Economic Impact Committee on the status of the Needs Study of North Dakota Roads and Bridges.
  • This training presentation was designed to encourage compliance with North Dakota commercial vehicle size and weight laws, help motor carriers reduce out of service time and fines, and promote safety. This presentation has been updated and expanded and is offered as the ND Truck-Weight Education and...
  • This presentation informed the Economic Impact Committee on the status of the Needs Study of North Dakota Roads and Bridges.
  • Needs Study of County and Township Roads and Bridges (Jul 31, 2013)
    Tim Horner, Alan Dybing, and Brad Wentz
    This presentation provided an overview of the Needs Study of County and Township Roads and Bridges to the Economic Impact Committee.
  • In this presentation, SURTC researcher Jeremy Mattson presented the results of a survey of small urban and rural transit systems regarding alternative fuels and hybrid vehicles. The experiences of users, perceived benefits and deterrents, and factors affecting adoption are explored. Findings provide...
  • Transit, Technology, & Public Participation (Oct 15, 2012)
    Del Peterson and Jeremy Mattson
    This presentation by SURTC researchers Del Peterson and Jeremy Mattson described the results of a study that evaluated the use of different technologies for improving public participation in transportation planning. The project, conducted in Fargo-Moorhead, consisted of four major activities: onboard...
  • This presentation discussed the first stage of findings from the Effortless Passenger Identification System project. It highlights field tests using RFID technology in both Los Angeles, CA and Fargo, ND. Controlled testing was also conducted in Fargo using a Paratransit vehicle. Consumer acceptance techniques...
  • SURTC researcher Jeremy Mattson presented findings from a recent study on travel behavior and mobility of transportation disadvantaged populations, specifically older adults and people with disabilities. The study examined 2009 National Household Travel Survey data on driving, trip frequency, staying...
  • Smart Roadside Initiative (May 16, 2012)
    Brenda Lantz
    The Smart Roadside vision is one in which commercial vehicles, companies, enforcement, and other transportation facilities share information seamlessly in order to improve safety, security, operational efficiency, and freight mobility. For the first phase to advance this vision FMCSA and FHWA have identified...
  • Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity (Apr 5, 2012)
    Darcy Rosendahl
    This presentation gives an update of the current rules and compliance dates for sign retroreflectivity, the proposed changes to those rules and dates, and an overview of the methods an agency can implement to be compliant with the rules.
  • SURTC researcher Jon Mielke presented the findings of a recent study regarding the impacts of the 5311(c) tribal transit program that was created in 2005 by the SAFETEA-LU federal highway and transit funding bill. The study also identified future funding requirements based on varying levels of tribal...
  • In this study, intercity market segments based on traveler attitudes were identified using structural equation modeling. The study focused on rural and small urban areas, using survey data for residents of North Dakota and western Minnesota. Attitudes toward travel time, flexibility, and privacy were...
  • This study estimated the impacts of transportation and geography on use of health care services by adults aged 60 or older in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. The results were based on survey responses received from 543 individuals living in these states. This research studied whether...
  • Marginal Cost Pricing and Subsidy of Transit in Small Urbanized Areas (Jan 23, 2012)
    Jeremy Mattson and David Ripplinger
    This study analyzed economies of scale and density as a rationale for subsidizing transit agencies in small urban areas. A long-run cost model was estimated that included the addition of external costs, such as environmental effects, and benefits. Results show that small urban transit agencies experience...
  • This presentation included an overview of the FMCSA Portal specific to company information and an overview of the Inspection Selection System (ISS) calculation based on the FMCSA Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) BASICs.
  • Smart Roadside Initiative (Oct 4, 2011)
    Ron Schaefer, Brenda Lantz, and Paul Belella
    The vision for the Smart Roadside Initiative is to create an environment where commercial vehicles, motor carriers, enforcement resources, highway facilities, intermodal facilities, toll facilities, and other nodes on the transportation system collect data for their own purposes and share the data seamlessly...
  • UGPTI researchers Denver Tolliver and Alan Dybing presented results of a study, Additional Road Investments Needed to Support Oil and Gas Production and Distribution in North Dakota, to the ND Legislature's House Appropriations Committee on January 6.
  • UGPTI Director Gene Griffin provided an overview of the oil industry's impact on the transportation infrastructure in western North Dakota at the Bakken Infrastructure Development Summit in Denver, CO, Nov. 15-16, 2010. His presentations included a look at political implications, potential solutions...
  • BASICs to Roadside Inspection Selection System (ISS) for CSA 2010 Update (Sep 22, 2010)
    Mark Savage, Bryan Price, and Brenda Lantz
  • In a presentation to the Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, UGPTI director Gene Griffin outlined the vision of how the Transportation Learning network will contribute to the on-going success of state departments of transportation.
  • FMCSA Mobile Client – Inspection (Jun 18, 2009)
    Brenda Lantz
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