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Assessment of ND Road Needs, 2017-2036
North Dakota Truck Harmonization Study (View More Info)
Assessment of ND County and Local Roads Needs Assessment of ND Urban Corridor Roadways and Bridges


  • Posted: Jan 14
    In a webinar held November 29, 2018, Ahmad Ghadban shares the research findings of MPC-437.
  • Posted: Jan 8
    UGPTI has issued a report detailing highlights of its work so far during the 2017-2019 biennium. Topics include, ag transportation, local roads, public transportation, safety, workforce support and others. A report of highlights from the 2015-2017 is also available.
  • Posted: Jan 8
    EunSu Lee and Ali Rahim-Taleqani
    This research will review state-of-the-art ABM in transportation, determine an agent's travel behavior in rural and small urban freight movement, design a multi-agent system, and investigate applicability of the agent's travel behavior to statewide freight demand mode.
  • Posted: Jan 7
    Asset management (specifically pavement management) has been in development since the 1960s. These plans help roadway managers make key decisions on when and where to invest their limited budget on their roadways. Developing this plan can be time consuming. However, using existing data and having a strong leadership component is essential in building a useful asset management system that fits the size of the organization. After creation, these plans can be continually updated and continue to serve the organization in making good engineering decisions with their limited finances.
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