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Assessment of ND Road Needs
North Dakota Truck Harmonization Study (View More Info)
Assessment of ND County and Local Roads Needs Assessment of ND Urban Corridor Roadways and Bridges


  • Posted: Jun 22
    The current pandemic has affected the lives of all Americans. The primary objective of this research was to identify veterans affected by COVID-19 who live in rural areas and have mobility needs and to quantify the cost of transportation options for meeting these needs.
  • Posted: Jun 22
    Researchers at Colorado State University found that urban roadway flooding can be reduced by diverting storm water from just 1% to 5% of directly connected impervious areas (i.e., streets, parking lots, rooftops) to bioretention areas, a part of green stormwater infrastructure (GSI).
  • Posted: Jun 21
    UGPTI researcher Satpal Wadhwa and UGPTI graduate research assistant Zhila Dehdari Ebrahimi were recently honored as nominees for NDSU's Mary McCannel Gunkelman Award. Nominees are among those who make significant and unselfish contributions to creating a happy environment for the enjoyment of NDSU students.
  • Posted: Jun 15
    Two UGPTI researchers were recently promoted to associate professor with tenure by NDSU. Raj Bridgelall and Ranjit Godavarthy were both promoted to associate professor in the Department of Transportation, Logistics, and Finance.
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