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UGPTI's Testimony for the 66th Legislative Session. Click for more information.
Assessment of ND Road Needs, 2017-2036
North Dakota Truck Harmonization Study (View More Info)
Assessment of ND County and Local Roads Needs Assessment of ND Urban Corridor Roadways and Bridges


  • Posted: Feb 15
    UGPTI has issued a report detailing highlights of its work so far during the 2017-2019 biennium. Topics include, ag transportation, local roads, public transportation, safety, workforce support and others. A report of highlights from the 2015-2017 is also available.
  • Posted: Feb 15
    In 2010, a section of roadway on Utah SR 30 near Emery, Utah was reconstructed using a geogrid-reinforced pavement system. This project was intended to demonstrate the effectiveness of geogrid in reducing cost, providing longer service life, and reducing long-term maintenance of the pavement system.
  • Posted: Feb 14
    Differential settlement in the transition zone between the bridge structure and the approach embankment often creates a "bump" which is a potential safety hazard and comfort issue for drivers. This research focuses on identifying innovative means to mitigate this issue during design and construction.
  • Posted: Feb 12
    Wesley E. Marshall, Nick Ferenchak, and Bruce Janson
    Despite bicycling being considered on the order of ten times more dangerous than driving, the evidence continues to build that high-bicycling-mode-share cities are not only safer for bicyclists but for all road users. This paper looks to understand what makes these cities safer.
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