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This paper discusses the lease option vs. the purchase option of rail cars.


Since the passage of the Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 1976, State governments have assumed an interest in maintaining and promoting adequate rail service within their boundaries. These activities, consisting of providing technical assistance to shippers, carriers, and communities...


This paper describes the physical characteristics of different types of subterminal elevators; and construction and operating costs.


This paper explains delayed pricing contracts and how they work.


The development and use of transportation databases is an essential prerequisite to transportation and marketing analysis. In few other disciplines are the databases so scattered and uncoordinated as in the field of transportation. Yet, there are few disciplines which are so data-dependent, particularly...


This report discusses the maximum vehicle weights and length limits of different truck sizes.


The general purpose of this paper was to evaluate the performance and operating characteristics of the motor carrier industry serving North Dakota. Specific objectives are: 1) to evaluate the existing grain motor carrier industry in North Dakota as to operating characteristics and stability; 2) to evaluate...


Rail line abandonment is a process designed to allow railroads a means for disposing of unprofitable lines. This paper discusses this process.


This paper discusses several factors which influenced the implementation of multiple car rates in the Upper Great Plains.


This analysis presents the results of a rail cost study for North Dakota grain. The purpose of the analysis is to describe the relative costs associated with various grain gathering alternatives. To that extent, four different levels of service have been analyzed: 1) 52-car single-origin; 2) 52-car two-origin...

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