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The analysis describes world trade in containers by country, through time, by importers and exporters, and by port areas. In addition, it includes an analysis of containerization of cargo. Specifically, we used the data to analyze the extent that cargos that traditionally were shipped in bulk, have become...


The theory of dominant firm price leadership is used to explain price and output behavior and equilibrium in rail and truck grain transportation. A very important factor explaining intermodal competition is the slope of the supply function of the competitive fringe, the truck mode. An econometric model...


The main objective of this study is to present an overview of grain procuring, handling, transportation, and selling as it pertains to North Dakota.


This paper explains delayed pricing contracts and how they work.


Reported in this paper is an analysis of the influence of seasonal rail rates on the movement of wheat, transport modes, and on location of storage facilities.


This study describes seasonal patterns of grain marketings in North Dakota. Causal relationships are being evaluated and will be reported elsewhere. A secondary objective is to evaluate changes in the seasonal pattern of marketings since 1967.


This report represents a continuation of analyses concerned with the patterns and methods of distributing grain from North Dakota. The collection and compilation of this type of data began in 1956-57. The objective of this report, like its predecessors, is to provide the necessary database for identifying...


The purpose of this submittal is two-fold: 1) to demonstrate the fact that there has been a structural change with regard to the ingredient cost/retail cost relationship in recent years in the bread processing industry; and 2) to establish the fact that the American wheat farmer is neither the great...

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