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Title:Impacts of Seasonal Rail Rates on Grain Flows and Storage in North Dakota
Authors:William Wilson, Steven Hvinden, and John Cosgriff
Publication Date:Mar 1981
Report #:DP-37
TRID #:01789144
Keywords:grain, location, railroad transportation, rates, seasons, storage facilities, trend (statistics)
Type:Research Report – Department Publications



Reported in this paper is an analysis of the influence of seasonal rail rates on the movement of wheat, transport modes, and on location of storage facilities. Specific objectives were to describe the historical conditions associated with seasonal rail grain rates in North Dakota; to check for trends and seasonality patterns in grain flows from North Dakota and for trends in storage capacity and grain inventory locations; to evaluate the extent to which seasonal rates have affected the modal share and timing of grain shipments and location of new grain storage capacity; and to identify economic incentives provided by different levels of seasonal rates and attempt to gauge their influence on grain flows from North Dakota.

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