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A structural concept as an alternative to conventional bridge guardrail system for application in timber bridges was conceived in prior related research on an innovative timber bridge system. This paper presents the results of the subsequent study, which was conducted after making the improvements. The...

The present research suggests a new approach to the use of composite materials technology for repair of timber structural members. Due to the small aspect ratio of the typical railroad bridge span timbers, stiffness degradation can be related to decrease in the beam's shear performance. To rejuvenate...

Six major railroads provided the Transportation Technology Center Inc. (TTCI) with defective rail that had been removed from service. The rail, which contained a variety of defects, was placed into a gauntlet track at the Transportation Technology Center (TTC). This paper is the assessment of those six...

This research considers the influence of different construction materials on the dynamic impact factor of bridges. The general concept of the dynamic impact factor and typical evaluation methods are reviewed.

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