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John M. Agrey Award

The Agrey Award recognizes and honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the state of North Dakota, its citizens and its business community through involvement in transportation. Achievements and areas of involvement with transportation may include any mode, but particularly in:

  • Freight transportation and logistics;
  • Personal mobility;
  • Infrastructure planning, development, and maintenance;
  • Educating and training others in transportation; and,
  • Representing North Dakota's transportation interests at the federal level.

Nominees will be judged based upon their major achievements in transportation in North Dakota; special service to the State of North Dakota in transportation activities; and transportation activities that bring credit to North Dakota, either nationally or internationally. Significant contributions to local communities or the State of North Dakota that are not related to transportation (service clubs, church, government or military, etc.) will also be considered.

Award Recipients


About John Agrey

John M. Agrey was truly a pioneer, innovator, and an advocate for transportation in North Dakota. Growing up in a time of increasing demand for regulation of the transportation industry, John represented a voice of reason. For over 30 years John spent his life as a dedicated public servant. John was fair and did his very best to listen to both sides of every issue. To that end, he would make recommendations that reflected the public interest.

John was born May 29, 1905 in Twin Valley, Minnesota. He graduated from Hillsboro High School. Shortly thereafter he was employed in the traffic department of the Fargo Chamber of Commerce. While at the Chamber, John illustrated how important a solid transportation system is to economic development. In 1935 he moved to Bismarck and began working in the traffic department of the North Dakota Public Service Commission. John was involved with a number of aspects of transportation, but it was his work for the farmers of North Dakota that made him special. His untiring dedication towards fair freight rates for North Dakota shippers is still being felt today. John emphasized how important a low cost and efficient transportation system is for North Dakota's farmers and its entire economy.

John worked for the ND PSC until his retirement in 1973. He passed away on December 4, 1975. His dedication for over 30 years to the people of North Dakota will long be remembered. He truly was a pioneer in the area of transportation.

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