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This report examines the potential role of a new form of transportation intermodal truck-rail container transportation in the state's expanding manufacturing and value-added agricultural base. It explores the general advantages of intermodal container transportation, examines factors that make intermodal...


This report contains a brief description of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and ITS technologies for Commercial Vehicle Operations (ITS/CVO). Second, it discusses previous literature regarding benefits of ITS/CVO for motor carriers, as well as managing the change due to technology. In addition...


The initial part of the study identifies a hypothetical career path based on theories of industrial psychology. This is followed with an in-depth analysis of what drivers' perceptions are of a career path that would improve job satisfaction. A final component of the study identifies management's perceptions...


This report documents the findings of the National Peer Exchange on Educational and Technical Assistance to Motor Carriers and Commercial Vehicle Drivers (ETA). The report identifies ETA best practices observed during site visits to the participating states and trucking companies.


This project evaluated the opinions of commercial vehicle drivers and safety inspectors regarding the roadside inspection process and motor carrier safety. Surveys were developed in cooperation with the Office of Motor Carriers and used to question a representative sample from each of the groups nationwide....


This document is a compendium of motor carrier projects in progress (as of August 1998) and completed by the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, North Dakota State University. Each entry includes project title, investigator, and a brief description.


This study examined LTL carriers in the mountain-plains region of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. Many rural communities rely on the LTL industry for freight movements in and out of the region. The level of LTL service in the mountain-plains region is unknown in a post regulated environment.


The objectives of this research are to determine how regional trucking firms are incorporating logistical services into their business, show some of the current trends regarding logistics in the trucking business, and allow firms to evaluate themselves against the rest of the industry.


This paper explores the determination of commercial vehicle driver attitudes and the effect of these attitudes on driving performance, job satisfaction, and turnover. It was hypothesized that if a relationship is found, it may then be worthwhile to select applicants with the highest potential for good...

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