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Title:North Dakota Strategic Freight Analysis: The Role of Intermodal Container Transportation in North Dakota
Authors:Mark Berwick, John Bitzan, Junwook Chi, and Mark Lofgren
Publication Date:Nov 2002
Report #:DP-150
TRID #:01088850
Keywords:container traffic, feasibility analysis, financing, freight traffic, freight transportation, intermodal facilities, intermodal transportation, location, needs assessment, railroads, traffic volume, trucking
Type:Research Report – Department Publications


This report examines the potential role of a new form of transportation intermodal truck-rail container transportation in the state's expanding manufacturing and value-added agricultural base. It explores the general advantages of intermodal container transportation, examines factors that make intermodal container transportation successful, examines functions performed by successful intermodal facilities, evaluates characteristics of various locations that are desirable for an intermodal facility, estimates potential traffic volumes and other characteristics of various North Dakota locations where such a facility might be located and explores funding options for an intermodal facility.

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