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The purpose of the appendix is to highlight trends and data that reflect the authors' opinions regarding the potential viability of individual rail lines.


The goal of the research project is to describe barley markets (particularly non-traditional markets) and inter-regional railroad flows over time.


This study analyzes the various issues and impacts surrounding the potential abandonment of the Chicago and North Western Transportation Company's railroad line between Chadron and Norfolk, Nebraska. This 317.5 mile Northern Line serves the northern third of the state from Madison to Dawes.


This study examines some of the most significant new rail issues facing the state of North Dakota, and their ramifications for future rail policy. The study finds that: 1) the state of North Dakota should advocate alternatives to rail abandonment; 2) rail banking should be used when the possibility of...


This report will review the demand situation in Bolivia, emphasizing location and end use. Then, the physical distribution of PL 480 wheat will be evaluated, looking first at the ocean transportation, then the port alternatives and support, and finally, the transportation within the South American interior....


This report represents a continuation of analysis concerned with the patterns and methods of distributing grains and oilseed from North Dakota.


The objective of this study is to determine whether local and regional railroads are beneficial for North Dakota. This is the basic question which must be answered before informed public policy can be developed.


Trainload shipments of grain by elevators substantially reduce their transportation costs. However, many elevators must make investments upgrading their plant before they can ship in trainload movements. In this report, a logit model is developed which considers the investment decision for particular...


This paper is an expanded version of a report submitted to the Office of Transportation Analysis, Interstate Commerce Commission regarding the competitive impacts of rail rate contracts on country grain elevators. The project was conducted concurrent with similar studies in several other grain producing...


The purpose of this paper is to analyze shifts in regional HRS wheat marketing patterns that coincided with the terms of three railroad contracts. Specifics on the contracts are not available because of confidentiality, but factors such as origin (region), term and destination are available.

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