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Title:Bolivian PL 480 Wheat Transportation, Processing and Distribution System and Policies
Authors:Gene Griffin and Kenneth Casavant
Publication Date:Jan 1990
Report #:SP-99
TRID #:00493676
Keywords:contaminants, developing countries, grain, loss and damage, policy, ports, railroad transportation, recommendations, shipments, water transportation
Type:Research Report – Staff Papers


This report will review the demand situation in Bolivia, emphasizing location and end use. Then, the physical distribution of PL 480 wheat will be evaluated, looking first at the ocean transportation, then the port alternatives and support, and finally, the transportation within the South American interior. The structure of the Bolivian milling industry and its operating characteristics will be reviewed, followed by an evaluation of the principal agencies in Bolivian wheat policy determination and implementation. A detailed look at local U.S. wheat policy (AID positions) will then be followed by recommendations and findings.

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