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Rising fuel prices have led to significant increases in costs for public transit agencies. A possible benefit from higher gas prices, though, is an increase in public transit ridership. This study estimates the effects of gas prices on bus ridership by employing a variety of models. Since the price of...


This research focuses on the long-standing relationship between the rail industry and production agriculture. It will investigate the differential effects of policy change, considering factors that have influenced pricing service for corn, wheat and soybeans in a deregulated rail industry.


This study examines the cost implications of mergers and competition over existing rail lines by testing for the condition of cost subadditivity. That is, can industry output be provided at a lower cost by one firm than by more than one firm?


Knowledge and control of costs is fundamental to any business enterprise. Understanding the structure of costs allows managers to achieve various goals within their organization. Costs knowledge has implications for pricing and for efficiency gains, both actions of which increase the potential profitability...

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