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Truck crashes on steep downgrades caused by excessive brake heating is an ongoing concern for the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT). Crashes resulting from brake failure on downgrades cause a devastating toll on lives and property. To counter such crashes, WYDOT initiated a research project...

This study evaluates two versions of the new super diverging diamond interchange (Super DDI) design as a possible alternative to improve the performance of failing service interchanges in the Denver, Colorado, metro. Three interchanges, Interstate 225 and Mississippi Ave, Interstate 25 and 120th Ave...

The State of Wyoming road network is characterized by heavy truck traffic. In 2015, truck traffic was approximately 22% of vehicle miles traveled (VMTs) along all routes in Wyoming, according to the WYDOT Annual Traffic Report. The heaviest truck traffic exists along I-80 with about 47% truck VMTs. Trucks...

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