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Trucking Churn Industry (Mar 2008, MPC-08-193)

The trucking industry is dynamic, and has been growing along with the economy. Many companies have come and gone, but many have been in business for many years. An increasing number of motor carriers can indicate a healthy industry and economy. While an increasing total number of motor carriers may indicate...


The Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at North Dakota State University was asked to conduct a site review at each DOT. The purpose of the site reviews was to obtain information to identify training challenges facing the DOTs; identify common training needs; identify training resources available...


TEL8 is a video conference network in the north-central and mountain states dedicated to improving and enhancing transportation systems in the Federal Highway Administration(FHWA) Region 8. Established in 1994, the video conference and telecommunications network created a partnership among the region's...


This study obtained usable data from 15 companies interviewed in an effort to analyze the full cost of truckload driver turnover. Companies ranged from 32 to 9,463 trucks, and included dry van, reefer, and flatbed carriers. Some were company driver fleets and others used owner-operators.


The initial part of the study identifies a hypothetical career path based on theories of industrial psychology. This is followed with an in-depth analysis of what drivers' perceptions are of a career path that would improve job satisfaction. A final component of the study identifies management's perceptions...


This study examined LTL carriers in the Mountain-Plains region of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.


The purpose of this project is to provide state Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) personnel with a sufficient understanding of a performance-based system to begin implementing it in their state programs.


This report documents the findings from a study on institutional issues related to implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems in Commercial Vehicle Operations (ITS-CVO) in the Dakotas.


Transportation fulfills three major roles in a developed economy. First, it is an enabler that allows an economy to develop. Second, it is a facilitator of competition for producers throughout broad area. And finally, transportation is a component of the Gross National Product. The motor carrier industry...


A Regional Traffic Safety Center survey was conducted to ascertain the demand for highway safety training in North Dakota.

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