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Title:2011 Transit and Community Livability Report
Authors:David Ripplinger, Elvis Ndembe, and Jill Hough
Publication Date:Dec 2012
Report #:DP-262
TRID #:01473711
Keywords:accessibility, public transit, quality of life, statistics, transit operating agencies
Type:Research Report – Department Publications


This study is an attempt to empirically measure livability to emphasize its role in community livability. Establishing these measures would enhance the practice and implementation of livability principles by various practitioners in the transit industry. This is in view of the difficulties faced in the past and presently by various transit authorities in incorporating the concept into their planning processes to better serve their communities.

How to Cite

Ripplinger, David, Elvis Ndembe, and Jill Hough. 2011 Transit and Community Livability Report, DP-262. North Dakota State University, Fargo: Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, 2012.

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