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Title:Grand Forks Data Collection and Archival Study – Phase IIIa
Authors:Kshitij Sharma
Publication Date:Nov 2015
TRID #:01892607
Keywords:cameras, data collection, intersections, railroad grade crossings, traffic data, traffic signal preemption
Type:Research Report



The Grand Forks – East Grand Forks MPO contacted ATAC with regards to expanding the use of existing traffic detection cameras for traffic data collection. Prior to this project, the City of Grand Forks had 31 intersections comprising of 122 cameras set for traffic data collection purposes. As part of the current project, 7 intersections comprising of 24 cameras are to be setup for traffic data collection.

Additionally, the MPO had requested a feasibility study to include rail preemption event data in the archival databases similar to those created during Phase II of the study. It is envisioned that if feasible, all intersections with rail preemption will be setup (under a separate study) such that Traffic Analysis web interface may be used to run rail preemption event reports.

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