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Title:Statewide Personal Mobility Needs for Oklahoma
Authors:Dilip Mistry, Del Peterson, and Jill Hough
Publication Date:Dec 2020
Report #:SP-184
TRID #:01761840
Keywords:demographics, financing, forecasting, level of service, mobility, needs assessment, population growth, public transit, recommendations, surveys, transit operating agencies
Type:Research Report – Staff Papers



This study was conducted to provide the Oklahoma Transit Association and state policy makers with information that will allow them to plan for mobility challenges and address coming greater mobility needs stemming from population growth and changes in the state’s demographics. In this study, we constructed a demographic profile of the state of Oklahoma, developed a mobility needs index, described the existing levels of transit service within the state, identified base levels of required transit service and gaps in existing service, and developed recommendations for meeting mobility needs. We also estimated the level of funding needed to maintain the current level of service and determined the level of funding needed to expand the level of service to meet projected needs. Transit providers in Oklahoma were surveyed to gather information about the existing services, how well the services are meeting current needs, and the issues and challenges facing the transit providers. Target levels of transit service were identified, and the funding needed to reach the targets, including funds for the increased operating expenses and vehicle purchases were estimated. Projections were also made based on the expected population growth. Recommendations were made regarding service expansion, staffing, and additional vehicles.

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Mistry, Dilip, Del Peterson, and Jill Hough. Statewide Personal Mobility Needs for Oklahoma, SP-184. North Dakota State University, Fargo: Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, 2020.

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