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Title:Assessment of North Dakota Mobility Options, Transit Needs, and Characteristics of Users
Authors:Jeremy Mattson, Dilip Mistry, and Jill Hough
Publication Date:Sep 2020
Report #:DP-307
TRID #:01760032
Keywords:demographics, financing, forecasting, level of service, mobility, public transit, surveys, transit riders
Type:Research Report – Department Publications



This study identified and analyzed existing transit and other passenger mobility options in North Dakota. Information about population growth trends and demographics across the state are described and used to identify areas with the greatest needs for mobility services. Transit service levels across the state are described, based on an analysis of existing data, as well as information collected through a survey of transit agencies. The availability and characteristics of other passenger transportation services was also documented. In addition to the transit agency surveys, surveys were conducted of transit riders and stakeholders across the state. Results from the rider surveys provided information about the demographics of transit users. Results from all three surveys were used to describe the adequacy of existing services and transit agency needs. Service gaps were identified by comparing service levels across the state to benchmarks, and the level of funding needed to fill these gaps was estimated. A state-of-good repair model was developed that predicts the service lives of vehicles and estimates vehicle replacement costs over time, including backlogged costs. The study provided information about how other states manage their state aid funds and also estimated the benefits of investments in transit in North Dakota.

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Mattson, Jeremy, Dilip Mistry, and Jill Hough. Assessment of North Dakota Mobility Options, Transit Needs, and Characteristics of Users, DP-307. North Dakota State University, Fargo: Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, 2020.

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