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Research Project
Mobility Services and Needs of North Dakota’s Transit System to Provide for North Dakota Residents

This study will provide North Dakota policy makers with a guide to future development of personal mobility options and to identify gaps that either exist now in mobility services or are likely to exist in the near future as the result of service modifications or changing demographics. The scope of the mobility study includes local and intercity passenger transportation including local and intercity bus, intercity rail, passenger transportation services from private companies, and public and human service paratransit services.

Once the study is completed, it may be used by NDDOT and state policy makers to identify programmatic and funding needs related to personal mobility. It can also be used to help determine funding priorities for the use of state funds and federal funds under state control and to provide guidance to city and county governments for addressing personal mobility needs. Further, the data collected as a part of the study can be used by local and regional agencies to plan for new or revised local services. Specific objectives are as follows:

  1. Construct a demographic profile of the current users of transportation services and the state of North Dakota
  2. Develop a mobility needs index
  3. Describe existing levels of transit service and other passenger transportation options across the state
  4. Identify base levels of required transit service and gaps in existing service
  5. Develop recommendations for meeting mobility needs
  6. Determine the level of funding to maintain the current level of service
  7. Determine the level of funding to expand the existing level of service
  8. Determine the number of users (current and potential) of public transportation services
  9. Describe how surrounding states manage their state aid funds for public transportation
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