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Research Project
The Impact of Oil Boom and Bust Cycles on Western North Dakota

The western half of North Dakota has experienced tremendous change in recent years due to oil exploration and drilling. Transportation and housing issues have affected everyone involved, and the uncertainty in western North Dakota has led to unstable economic and social conditions. Volatility in housing and apartment rental costs have forced some to relocate to other communities while local businesses have experienced tremendous fluctuations in sales leading to delayed growth plans. These issues highlight a number of related topics such as affordable housing, transportation mode choice, and the sustainability of existing communities, among others.


A study will be conducted in western North Dakota to analyze these topics with a focus on transit efficiency and housing affordability. The effect on public transit will be studied to gain a better understanding as to how the oil boom and bust cycle has impacted local transit services. Special consideration will be given to seniors and disadvantaged populations who rely largely on fixed incomes. Analysis will include the impact of uncertain travel and housing costs on individuals who have lived in local communities for long periods of time and are now forced to make difficult, life changing decisions.

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