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Project Details

Title:Ranking Public Transportation Services for Rural States in the Upper Midwest and Great Plains Region
Principal Investigators:Jeremy Mattson
Start Date:June 2022
End Date:May 2023
RiP #:01850554
Keywords:level of service, public transit, ranking (statistics), rural areas


The objective of this research is to compare the level of public transportation services provided in North Dakota to those of surrounding states. The study focuses on North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska (excluding the Omaha metro area), and Minnesota (excluding the Twin Cities metro area). The study is examining how well public transportation is serving the citizens in these mostly rural states. This involves an analysis of the level of service provided, measured in terms of geographic coverage, service availability, number of vehicles in use, and vehicle hours and miles of service; the amount of service consumed, measured in terms of ridership; the level of investment from different sources; and measures that evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of service. The analysis also considers the varying levels of need throughout the region.

The scope of the project includes all public transportation in the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming, as well as all transit in Minnesota and Nebraska excluding the Twins Cities and Omaha metro areas. This includes all rural agencies receiving section 5311 funding and small urban systems receiving section 5307 funds.

Project Deliverables

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