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Project Details

Title:Utilizing Public Transportation to End Food Insecurity in the Rural and Small Urban Area by Providing Better Access: A Case Study of Rural Counties in North Dakota
Principal Investigators:Dilip Mistry and Jill Hough
Start Date:June 2022
End Date:March 2024
RiP #:01849373
Keywords:access, food, public transit, rural areas, transportation disadvantaged persons


For many small urban rural counties, access to fresh healthy foods is a constant problem. When someone is without reliable access to a sufficient quantity and quality of affordable, nutritious food, they may be experiencing something called food insecurity. Households are defined as food insecure if they are unable to acquire adequate food at times during the year due to the lack of money or other resources. People particularly at risk of food insecurity may live in neighborhoods with limited public transportation options, an under-invested public transportation system, or no personal transportation options. Even though lack of money is just one factor that causes food insecurity, another factor that causes food insecurity and has a huge negative impact on the food insecurity problems is the lack of transportation accessibility. In this study, the SURCOM team will investigate the current public transportation accessibility and find out the impact of transportation accessibility on food insecurity among 53 counties in North Dakota. This study will find out the mobility gaps which affect food insecurity in the rural and small urban areas in North Dakota, and how a better designed public transportation can help to end food insecurity.

Project Deliverables

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