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Accurate prediction of the shear strength of swelling clays is critical for the design of infrastructure. Damage caused to U.S. infrastructure by swelling clays is estimated to be about $13 billion per year. Overestimation of strength can lead to failures, and underestimation can lead to an increase...


The use of off-specification fly ashes to increase the shear strength and stiffness of an expansive soil-rubber (ESR) mixture is investigated systematically in this study. The off-specification fly ashes used include a high-sulfur content and a high-carbon content fly ash. A class C fly ash is used as...


Untreated native soil with high swell potential has been identified by the Colorado Department of Transportation as one of the major contributing factors in the development of premature longitudinal cracking and other pavement distresses in Colorado (Ardani et al. 2003). Unique regional factors such...

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