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The information contained in this report was gathered in February 1991. The data reported represent policies that were current as of the date of the survey. Several companies were in the process of modifying their compensation policies.

The purpose of this report is not to analyze the laws and regulations that govern railway labor, or which affect ICC exemption procedures. These are quasi-legal issues which will be settled in the courts, or remanded to the ICC for clarification. The goal of this study is more fundamental in nature...

The objective of this report is to provide information highlighting the differences between Class I and short line rail labor. Primary data was collected from 48 short line railroads. In addition to various railroad characteristics, information was obtained about employment levels, job classifications...

The objective of this study is to estimate the potential efficiencies gains from short line operation of branch lines in North Dakota. Cost and revenue estimates are developed in the study for three potential short line networks on Burlington Northern's system.

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