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This report discusses the design and implementation of surcharging technology and the required laboratory, field, and engineering evaluations. It is hoped that such information will provide a more consistent and technically defensible rationale for deploying this technology on highway projects constructed...


Partial deregulation of the railroad industry substantially eased regulatory impediments to consolidation. Since partial deregulation, there has been a massive consolidation of firms in the railroad industry, which has been premised on efficiency gains, network rationalization, and service quality. In...


This study performs a Delphi survey of grain market experts to assess the future availability and quality of rail services for the agricultural sector. The survey produces several interesting future expectations including (1) further consolidation of the rail and elevator industries, (2) increasing prominence...


The general objective of this study is to provide a descriptive analysis of the subterminal/satellite form of organization and an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of reorganizing local country elevators into this type of system.

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