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Logistics strategies and practices are essential elements for improving a company's competitiveness in domestic or global markets. Firms expanding into domestic and global markets from the Midwestern and Plains states need to employ efficient strategic logistics practices to compete. Identifying the...


This report identifies several factors critical to the success of short line rail roads. Success was measured and analyzed by looking at variables related to traffic volume, backhaul traffic, reliance on industries and/or commodities, number of shippers, flexibility of labor, track conditions, management...


Management and utilization of North Dakota's transportation network is extremely dynamic in nature. This has always been the case, but particularly so in the past five to ten years. Several factors have accelerated the changes in demands on the transportation system and its management. Some of these...


This report is intended to provide background information from which decisions can be based regarding current and future tax incentives. The intent is to provide factual information without regard to position of the level or source of tax incentives or subsidies.

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