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In a previous related study conducted by the University of Wyoming (Phase I), fatigue cracking of traffic signal poles was determined to be related to the average wind speed (Price 2009). However, high-mast data did not indicate the same direct average wind speed fatigue cracking relationship behavior....

Serviceability Limits and Economical Steel Bridge Design (Dec 2008, Interim Report, MPC-08-206)

High Performance Steel (HPS) is a superior material with higher yield strength, improved weldability, greater levels of toughness, and improved weathering resistance that can lead to more economical bridges than conventional steel bridge designs. AASHTO Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) provisions...

Recent design requirements for traffic signal and sign structures incorporated fatigue load criteria related to wind that are producing significant increases in size and cost. The Fourth Edition of the AASHTO Luminaire and Traffic Signal Specification (2002 with interims) specification is a significant...

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