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The objectives of this research are to determine how regional trucking firms are incorporating logistical services into their business, show some of the current trends regarding logistics in the trucking business, and allow firms to evaluate themselves against the rest of the industry.


The project objective was to assess and determine whether the logistical practices of small and rural suppliers will allow them the opportunity to successfully participate in an integrated supply chain. The project consists of two steps. First, we identified minimal logistical capabilities a supplier...


The objective of this project was to develop a program that provides short-term analyses and education in an effort to enhance the viability of rural manufacturing and processing firms through a better understanding of transportation and logistics management by organizations in North Dakota.


The Carrington-to-Turtle Lake rail line serves five agricultural shippers in a four-county area in central North Dakota. Service on the line has been affected by recent embargoes, floods, and poor, deteriorating track conditions. The line is a strong candidate for abandonment as efforts to rehabilitate...


Through deregulation, the railroad industry has rationalized its services across the nation. Since 1980, this has lead to the abandonment of over 33,000 miles of rail line in the United States. While this has improved the efficiency and financial viability of rail carriers, it has adversely affected...


The purpose of this paper is to evaluate and make recommendations about the current inventory management system at TMI Systems Design Corporation. The goal is to apply a logistics management perspective to current procedures.

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