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Title:Enhancement of Existing Engineering Software, Vol. 1: Linking Computer-Aided Engineering Procedures with Computer Drafting
Authors:J.A. Puckett and Chad Clancy
University:University of Wyoming
Publication Date:Jul 1992
Report #:MPC-92-9.1
Project #:MPC-007
TRID #:00634414
Keywords:bridge engineering, computer aided design, computer graphics, drafting, software, technical drawings
Type:Research Report – MPC Publications



Often in traditional design procedures, a designer sketches results which are based on computer applications and transmits this information via hardcopy to a drafter, who reenters it into a CAD system. The inefficiencies are clear and an obvious opportunity exists for productive gain. Recent work by the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WDT) has shown that productivity ratios greater than 20:1 can be achieved by linking design applications directly with CAD. A graphics library (UWGRAPH) has been developed to facilitate this linkage.

UWGRAPH is used in conjunction with a design application which performs engineering calculations and/or creates drawing parameters. UWGRAPH links to three graphic formats commonly used in engineering DXF (AutoCAD), MICROCSL (Intergraph) and GKS (screen graphics) in one application program. The flexibility and familiarity of FORTRAN is combined with the tools necessary to produce graphics files automatically. The library is based on the graphics entities required for structural drafting. UWGRAPH simplifies and unifies the subroutine calls by combining low-level calls to produce graphical entities useful in engineering drawing, e.g., dimensions, notes, etc. The UWGRAPH scope is directed toward bridge engineering but easily spans other disciplines.

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