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Title:Development of Mixed Media Filtration for Stormwater Runoff Treatment
Authors:Guanghui Hua, Peng Dai, Ghaem Hooshyari, Jason Neville, and Christopher Schmit
University:South Dakota State University
Publication Date:Jun 2022
Report #:MPC-22-463
Project #:MPC-498
TRID #:01853348
Keywords:bacteria, filters, filtration, recycled materials, runoff, water quality management
Type:Research Report – MPC Publications



Stormwater runoff generated in urban areas can increase the risks of flooding and contaminate surface waters. Various contaminants carried by stormwater runoff can negatively affect the water quality of receiving water bodies. Many of the conventional stormwater best management practices are designed to control runoff volume and remove particles in the runoff. Conventional stormwater control methods are generally not effective in removing other pollutants such as microorganisms and nutrients. Media filtration using reactive materials is a promising treatment technology for removing different contaminants from stormwater runoff. The objectives of this project are to develop a low-maintenance, low-cost mixed-media filtration system for stormwater treatment and perform laboratory and field-scale studies to evaluate the performance of the mixed-media filtration system. A focus of this project is to identify filter materials that are effective for Escherichia coli (E. coli) removal from stormwater. Laboratory batch adsorption and column experiments were conducted to evaluate E. coli removal capacities of selected filter materials, including two natural minerals (limestone and zeolite) and two industrial byproducts (recycled steel chips and steel slag). Steel chips were identified as the most efficient material for E. coli removal though laboratory studies. A field scale mixed-media filter using steel chips and steel slag was constructed at a stormwater detention pond in a residential area of Brookings, SD. The results of the field study showed that the mixed media removed an average of 50% of the E. coli and an average of 42% of phosphate in the runoff during the three-month field experiment. Overall, the results of this project indicate that media filtration using recycled steel chips is an effective technology to remove E. coli and phosphate from stormwater runoff.

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Hua, Guanghui, Peng Dai, Ghaem Hooshyari, Jason Neville, and Christopher Schmit. Development of Mixed Media Filtration for Stormwater Runoff Treatment, MPC-22-463. North Dakota State University - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Fargo: Mountain-Plains Consortium, 2022.

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