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Event Proceedings
International Summit on Agricultural and Food Transportation

Dec 2-3, 2008 – To build on the Summit in 2007 bringing the trucking industry and other agriculture and food transportation organizations together to discuss critical issues and generate ideas to strengthen commercial agricultural trucking as a key partner in the future success of U.S. and international agriculture.

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Use of Biofuels and Other Renewable Fuels in Transport in Poland and the European Union (PDF, 335K)Jolanta Iwanicka, First Secretary, Embassy of Poland, Washington D.C.
New Opportunities for Commercial Agricultural Transporters and Agriculture in the 2007 Energy Bill and 2008 Farm Bill (PDF, 28K)Anne Simmons, Senior Majority Professional Staff, U.S. House Committee on Agriculture
Global Commodity Price Increases: What's Going On? (PDF, 1268K)Dr. Wallace E. Tyner, Professor Agriculture Economics, Purdue University, Author: "What is Driving Food and Fuel Prices."
Bulk Trucking Distribution and Security in Food Industry (PDF, 347K)John Conley, President, National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc.
Food and Hazardous Materials Challenges in Commercial Agricultural Transportation (PDF, 449K)James Simmons, Division Chief, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation
Why the Outer Continental Shelf Matters to the Middle of the Continent (PDF, 467K)Dr. David Kreutzer, Senior Policy Analyst, Energy, Economics and Climate Change, Center for Data Analysis, Heritage Foundation
Transportation and Food Defense: Keeping America's Food Safe (PDF, 2176K)Marianne Elbertson, Senior Food Defense Analyst, Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA
Food Safety, Defense, and Transportation Initiatives: Produce Perspective (PDF, 197K)Lee Mannering, Government Relations and Public Affairs Manager, Produce Marketing Association
Agriculture and Food Safety & Security through Intelligent Asset Management (PDF, 644K)Dr. Homaira Akbari, President, Skybitz, Inc.
Ethanol's Role in the Fuel Transportation Sector (PDF, 139K)Toni Nuernberg, Executive Director, Ethanol Promotion and Information Center
Renewable Fuels - 2009 and Beyond (PDF, 1013K)Christopher Guith, VP for Policy, Institute for 21st Century Energy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Agricultural Trade and Its Impact on Transportation (PDF, 929K)Hon. Floyd Gaibler, Deputy Under Secretary of Agriculture, Farm and Foreign Agriculture Services, USDA
Agriculture Implications for Transportation and Highways (PDF, 571K)Bruce Blanton, Director, Transportation Services Division, USDA
Agriculture Implications for Transportation and Highways (PDF, 5009K)Tony Furst, Director, Office of Freight Management and Operations
The 2009 Highway Reauthorization Bill, What to Expect (PDF, 1347K)Richard L. Lewis, President, Forest Resources Association
Liquid Logistics Monitoring using Active RFID Technologies (PDF, 1976K)Gina Lehman, Sales Director, Hi-G-Tek, Inc.
Legal Issues Confronting Commercial Ag and Food Transportation: Change You Can Count On (PDF, 1521K)James Hanson, Esquire, Scopelitis, Garvin, Hanson, Light & Feary
Keynote Lunch (PDF, 2190K)Mike Townsley, President, Bob Evans Farms Food Products Division
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