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Commercial Vehicle Safety Center
Webinar Details

Title:The Mountain Rules: Colorado's Safety Communication Efforts with the Trucking Industry
Date:Sep 26, 2023


In this September 26, 2023 webinar, Captain John Hahn with the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) and Craig Hurst with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) discussed The Mountain Rules campaign. The webinar introduced the safety campaign videos and discussed the process of partnering with other agencies to promote this safety message and save lives.

CDOT, in partnership with the CSP, the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, and in-cab driver alert providers, have a shared aim to enhance safety for truckers traveling through the state's mountains. Through this shared aim and resulting coordinated approach, The Mountain Rules campaign was born. This program is a comprehensive, strategic and safety-focused effort to inform and educate in-state and inter-state trucking companies and drivers on the challenges of driving in Colorado's mountains. It includes information on preventing and avoiding hazards, resources to consider, and a consistent reminder to drive slowly and steadily to be safe for the long haul.

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