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UGPTI Continues to Lead in Rural Transit Training by Shifting to eLearning during Pandemic

Posted: Aug 3, 2021

UGPTI's Small Urban and Rural Center on Mobility was a national leader in providing education for improving mobility in small urban, rural and tribal communities when the global COVID pandemic halted the center's instructor led, in-person training.

In response, the center and its training coordinator, Rob Lynch, began a robust effort to create eLearning courses for the transportation industry. ELearning is the delivery of learning and training through self-paced, interactive electronic courses accessed through the Internet. The courses are designed using videos, narration, graphics, and characters so the learner can consider scenarios, make choices, view resources and be graded on their responses. "The challenge is to keep the learner engaged while giving valuable training," Lynch notes.

SURCOM has partnered with the National Rural Transit Assistance Program (NRTAP) to build a library of courses accessible at no cost to transportation professionals worldwide. Learners create their own secure account which will give them access to the courses, track their learning, and in the case of some courses, provide a certificate of completion. Courses range from 10 to 60 minutes. Course topics include: human resources, customer service, financial management, crisis management and strategic planning focused specifically toward small urban, rural and tribal mobility providers. In addition to these new courses, SURCOM converted its very popular course "Introduction to the Federal Transit Administration" to an eLearning format. This course is used nationally by state departments of transportation to orientate new transit employees.

Learn more about the SURCOM eLearning program.

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