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NDSU Staff and Students to Present Research at Transportation Research Forum

Posted: Mar 13, 2015

NDSU staff members and graduate students presented their latest research at the 56th Annual Transportation Research Forum, March 12-14, in Atlanta, Georgia.

EunSu Lee, an associate research fellow with NDSU's Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute presented, "Feedstock Import Options Regarding Transportation Systems for Asphalt Production." He examines the logistics and distribution channels for importing heavy crude oil, a source of bitumen for asphalt production. Coauthor is Raj Bridgelall, a researcher with UGPTI.

Ph.D. Students in NDSU's Transportation and Logistics Program who presented include:

Yong Shin Park presented "Assessing the Ecosystem Goods and Service of U.S Modal Freight: Supply Chain Linked Cradle-to-Gate Ecological Based Life Cycle Model." Park developed a model to assess the ecosystem impact of U.S modal freight of the industrial sector using ecological based life cycle assessment. Coauthor is Gokhan Egilmez, assistant professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering at NDSU.

Jaesung Choi presented two posters and two papers. "Effects of the Rise in Oil Price on Ethanol Fuel Consumption in the U.S. Transportation Sector," focuses on ethanol fuel production and oil price elasticity of ethanol fuel consumption in 14 states. Coauthor is David C. Roberts, assistant professor of agribusiness and applied economics at NDSU.

In "Effects of Air Pollution on the Productivity Growth in the Air and Truck Transportation Industries in the U.S.: An Application of the DEA Malmquist Environmental Productivity Index," Choi examines the effects of air pollution on productivity growth in the air and truck transportation industries. Roberts is also a coauthor of this poster.

Choi's first paper is "Productivity Growth in the Transportation Industries in the United States: An Application of the DEA Malmquist Productivity Index". Choi examines productivity growth in the U.S. airline, truck, rail, pipeline and waterway transportation industries. Roberts and Lee are coauthors.

Choi's second paper, "Forecast of CO2 Emissions from the U.S. Transportation Sector: Estimation from a Double Exponential Smoothing Model" focuses on whether the decrease in U.S. carbon dioxide emissions from the transportation sector will be consistent across all states from 2012 to 2021. Roberts and Lee are coauthors.

N. Muhammad Aslaam Mohamed Abudul (Nick) Ghani presented "Eco-efficiency of U.S. Container Ports Using Data Envelope Analysis." The paper presents an analysis of the eco-efficiency of U.S. container ports. Coauthors are Lee and Park.

Elvis Ndembe presented two papers. In "Marketing Hard Red Spring Wheat in Shuttle Trains: Railroad Pricing in a Seemingly Captive Market," he assesses the benefits of using shuttle trains relative to other rail services for shipping hard red spring wheat from North Dakota.

In "Estimating the Technical (TE) and Allocative Efficiency (AE) of the U.S. Class I Railroad: A Data Envelopment Analysis," Ndembe examines the efficiency of the U.S. rail industry between 1997 and 2011.

Fesseha Gebremikael presented "U.S Freight Transportation Eco-efficiency Performance Measure and Benchmarking State by State." In the poster, he assesses the direct and indirect environmental impact of 33 U.S. food manufacturing sectors' modal freight activity. Park is a coauthor.

Zijian Zheng presented "Heavy Vehicle Impact on Rural Two-Lane Highway Segments Operating Under Various Levels of Service Conditions." His research to calculate passenger car equivalent (PCE) impacts of heavy vehicles, such as oil trucks, on two-lane rural highways uses an improved analytical method based on headway and delay. UGPTI researcher Pan Lu is a coauthor.

Eileen (Anne) Campbell presented "Capital Investment Needs of the Small Railroads." She examines the capital investment needs of the Class II and Class III railroads in the United States. NDSU associate professor of management and marketing Rodney Traub is a coauthor.

Jared Annexstad presented "Airport Congestion Mitigation: An Inter/Multimodal Approach". He uses data analysis to determine the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of establishing networks comprised of different transportation modes to alleviate airport congestion. Lee is a coauthor.

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