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This study analyzes the economic impacts of load limits and the benefits of establishing a statewide program to coordinate the administration of load limits. The study reported truck size and weight regulations as well as state permitting policies and costs for various types of permits in North Dakota....


The study focuses on ascertaining information on user willingness-to-pay and their perceptions of funding for improving gravel roads which support freight transportation service in rural areas. The research considers safety, road type, and maintenance valuation for both gravel and paved road surfaces....


This project has three primary objectives: 1) to provide an analysis of the current trucking industry; 2) to determine the cost of current weight and safety enforcement activities; and 3) to evaluate the benefits to state regulatory agencies of enhanced regulatory efficiency.


Management and utilization of North Dakota's transportation network is extremely dynamic in nature. This has always been the case, but particularly so in the past five to ten years. Several factors have accelerated the changes in demands on the transportation system and its management. Some of these...

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