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This report narrows the product focus to grain and emphasizes the role of rail transportation.


The theory of dominant firm price leadership is used to explain price and output behavior and equilibrium in rail and truck grain transportation. A very important factor explaining intermodal competition is the slope of the supply function of the competitive fringe, the truck mode. An econometric model...


The objectives of this paper were primarily two-fold. First, a descriptive analysis of rail rates for wheat from North Dakota was performed. Second, applicable rail costs of a typical wheat movement from North Dakota were calculated.


The purpose of this paper is to examine changes in the grain pricing practices of railroads in the Upper Great Plains pre- and post-Staggers. This paper will attempt to determine if any observable pricing practice changes have taken place and if product and geographic competition have been effective...


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the effect of market trade area size on costs of alternative grain elevator systems in North Dakota. In addition, marketing densities, which directly affect size of trade area, will be examined.


This report constitutes a preliminary analysis of the cost of transporting coal from Gascoyn, North Dakota, to Big Stone, South Dakota. The movement has been analyzed using Rail Form A costs for the Burlington Northern Railroad in conjunction with annualized rehabilitation cost estimates, which have...


This report summarizes activities undertaken pursuant to Activity 3 under the contract existing between the North Dakota Highway Department and the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute (UGPTI). The activities include the development of data sources and programs which would allow the estimation...


The grain handling and transportation system in North Dakota is experiencing tremendous infrastructural change. Multiple car grain rates, rail line abandonments, energy considerations and technological advances are corollary factors, among others, influencing this transition.


This paper presents an overview of the use and development of rail cost statistics in transportation and marketing analysis. The purpose of the paper is to provide transportation and marketing analysts with a general description of cost procedures and areas of application and use.


This paper discusses the lease option vs. the purchase option of rail cars.

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