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Rural Road Management Guide (Sep 1995, MPC-SD95-16-G3)

This Guide contains information about the management of paved and gravel roads. The approaches to managing paved versus gravel roads differ in some respects. Both include an inventory of the physical characteristics of the road network and an assessment of the road condition; however, the analysis of...

Rural Road Condition Survey Guide (Jul 1995, MPC-SD95-16-G1)

This Guide has been developed to help provide a consistent means of assessing rural roadway conditions, both within a county and statewide. The roadway evaluation methodology described in this Guide will provide county highway agencies with a uniform and consistent means of defining pavement and roadway...


This study examines consolidation of road services by local governments, and explores the optimal mix of roads for rural counties. A methodology for measuring economies in the provision of local road services is presented. This methodology is unique in two ways; 1) it better accounts for relevant variables...

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