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The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) was created by Congress in 1887 under the Interstate Commerce Act. The primary responsibilities of the ICC were to control competition and stabilize rates for a then monopolistic rail industry. The ICC's responsibilities were later extended to motor carrier, barge...


Since partial deregulation of the railroad industry in 1980, rail rates have fallen in real terms, leading many observers to conclude that deregulation has been a success. Yet, previous studies of the effects of deregulation on aggregate rate levels are inconclusive in identifying deregulation as the...


The goal of this research is to estimate productivity gains and cost savings in the railroad industry since 1978. Further, prior work was extended by separating output and size variables into measures of high and low density output and miles of track. For purposes of comparison, a translog cost function...


This review of literature on intrastate motor carrier regulatory reform has revealed two basic findings. First, in states where intrastate deregulation has taken place rates have generally declined or have remained constant, and quality of service has not eroded. And second, shippers and receivers generally...


This report narrows the product focus to grain and emphasizes the role of rail transportation.


This study presents the results of an analysis of changes in air fares and service levels in North Dakota after passage of the Airline Deregulation Act.


The deregulatory environment has brought with it an undeniable amount of uncertainty. No longer are inflationary cost indexes the primary price-setting factor. Instead, airlines must now set fares subject to industry competition. The effectiveness of various airline pricing strategies will depend on...


Examines changes which have occurred in North Dakota airline fares and services since deregulation. The findings and summary conclusions of the analysis are presented.


This paper is a compilation of papers which represents five aspects of North Dakota trucking.

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