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This report examines the history of railroad cost analysis, examines some of the criticisms of current railroad costing methodologies, and presents some alternative methods for analyzing the costs of individual railroad movements.


A software model was developed to estimate truck costs under different equipment configurations, input prices, and gross vehicle weights. The software was developed to obtain for many different configurations and trip characteristics. Important conclusions can be drawn from running simulations include...


North Dakota's grain producers rely on an efficient rail system to move their products to export and domestic markets. A recent shift to larger grain hopper cars may threaten the viability of the state's light-density branch line network. This study simulates the impacts of handling larger rail cars...

Truck Costs for Owner/Operators (Sep 1997, MPC-97-81)

Differences that exist among truck configurations, trip and product characteristics, and input prices influence costs for individual owner/operators. Economic developers need truck cost estimates to compare transportation modes and accurately estimate transportation costs. Owner/operators and users of...

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