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Voluntary turnover rates among truckload carriers are extremely high, ranging from 50 to more than 100 percent annually. These high turnover rates result in elevated costs for carriers in terms of recruitment and training as well as costs associated with reduced productivity and decreased customer satisfaction...


This report contains a brief description of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and ITS technologies for Commercial Vehicle Operations (ITS/CVO). Second, it discusses previous literature regarding benefits of ITS/CVO for motor carriers, as well as managing the change due to technology. In addition...


While SafeStat was designed to prioritize carriers for monitoring and compliance reviews, the ISS was designed to prioritize carriers for roadside inspection. However, both algorithms use similar data to define a relatively unsafe carrier. It would be beneficial if there could be one uniform motor carrier...


This study examined LTL carriers in the Mountain-Plains region of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

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