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This report responds to the North Dakota legislature's request for a study of the transportation infrastructure needs of all county and township roads in the state. In this report, infrastructure needs are estimated using the most current production forecasts, traffic estimates, and roadway condition...


The information in this report is Phase II of a three-phase study, which provides for identification and discussion of North Dakota's direction for state freight planning, important freight gateways, and relationships that are instrumental in the state's economic productivity.


This study performs a Delphi survey of grain market experts to assess the future availability and quality of rail services for the agricultural sector. The survey produces several interesting future expectations including (1) further consolidation of the rail and elevator industries, (2) increasing prominence...


This study shows that carriers' rates are constrained by four factors not under the control of the carrier. These factors include intramodal competition, intermodal competition, geographic competition, and product competition.


The first section of this report describes the environment for transporting agricultural commodities in North Dakota. Next, an agenda for research and service is described. Topics are discussed for each of the eight research categories (modal share and commodity analysis, efficiency, infrastructure...

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