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Title:Opportunities for State DOTs (and others) to Encourage Shared-Use Mobility Practices in Rural Areas
Authors:Ranjit Godavarthy and Jill Hough
Publication Date:Dec 2019
TRID #:01638341
Keywords:mobility, rural areas, state departments of transportation, transportation disadvantaged persons, transportation modes, vehicle sharing
Type:Research Report



Advances in electronics, wireless technologies, and mobile applications on smartphones have contributed to the tremendous growth of shared-use mobility (SUM) practices and Americans have embraced these new mobility options which are flexible, convenient, and affordable. Recognizing that technology enabled SUM services are part of the new transportation ecosystem, public transit agencies started partnering with SUM providers to enhance the appeal of public transit rather than diminish it.

This study investigated various categories of SUM services such as ridesourcing, carsharing, bikesharing, and microtransit service's applicability in rural communities and determined the potential to supplement and/or substitute traditional rural transit/transportation services. Research from this study resulted in producing a rural SUM best practices toolkit to inform state DOTs, regional transportation agencies, rural transit agencies, local governments, and other state and local agencies about various steps and tasks involved for strategically implementing SUM strategies such as ridesourcing, carsharing, bikesharing, and microtransit services. Further, guidance is also provided on the role of government, state DOTs, rural transit agencies, transportation planning agencies, and/or state economic development or small business development agencies to advance the selected SUM strategies in rural settings.

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