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Title:Local Road Surface Selection Tool: Technical Report
Authors:Andrew Wrucke, Brad Wentz, and Kimberly Vachal
Publication Date:Apr 2017
Report #:DP-293
TRID #:01635059
Keywords:computer program documentation, costs, decision support systems, economic factors, gravel roads, low volume roads, surface treating, web applications
Type:Research Report – Department Publications



With over 90,000 miles of roadway classified as local roadways (county and township) in the state of North Dakota, local road quality has a large impact on commodity movement, safety, and the quality of life for its residents and visitors. Local road managers have long faced the difficulties of properly managing low-to-medium volume county gravel roadways as traffic volumes and conditions change. Outside pressures rather than sound economic factors often drive the decisions on the various surface treatment options available. The surface selection tool developed by the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute (UGPTI) provides a means for local roadway managers to develop an economic basis to make the best treatment option decisions possible. This selection tool was developed by UGPTI based on previous work by the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) and the South Dakota Local Transportation Assistance Program (SDLTAP). With this background and input from NDLTAP, North Dakota Association of Counties, and NDDOT Local Government Division, UGPTI was able to develop an online, web-based decision tool to help determine the most economical way to manage low-volume roadways based on traffic, local maintenance practices, and construction costs. This report will outline the development of the tool, how to use the tool, how the program adapts to additional information provided by the user base, and areas of further development for the tool.

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Wrucke, Andrew, Brad Wentz, and Kimberly Vachal. Local Road Surface Selection Tool: Technical Report, DP-293. North Dakota State University, Fargo: Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, 2017.

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