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Title:Evaluation of Grouted Splice Sleeve Connections for Precast Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers
Authors:Chris P. Pantelides, M.J. Ameli, and Lawrence D. Reaveley
University:University of Utah
Publication Date:Apr 2017
Report #:MPC-17-320
Project #:MPC-392
TRID #:01634864
Keywords:bridge construction, bridge piers, earthquake resistant design, evaluation and assessment, load tests, reinforced concrete bridges
Type:Research Report – MPC Publications


Connections between precast concrete elements must be able to withstand significant stresses and deformations in earthquakes. The grouted splice sleeve (GSS) connector is being considered for connecting footing, column, and cap beam elements in accelerated bridge construction (ABC). There are limited data for use of this connector in bridges located in moderate-to-high seismic regions. This report describes a research program conducted to evaluate bridge joints using two types of GSS connectors experimentally. Cyclic quasi-static loading was used to test column-to-footing and column-to-cap beam half-scale specimens. One control specimen and two precast specimens were constructed for each category for a total of six specimens. The precast column-to-footing joint incorporated one type of GSS connector for which the bars were grouted at both ends (GGSS); the precast column-to-cap beam joint used a different GSS connector type for which one bar was threaded into one end and the other bar was grouted into the opposite end (FGSS). Experimental results showed that the performance of all test specimens was satisfactory compared to current codes. Compared to control specimens, a reduced displacement ductility capacity was obtained for the precast specimens in both categories.

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Pantelides, Chris P., M.J. Ameli, and Lawrence D. Reaveley. Evaluation of Grouted Splice Sleeve Connections for Precast Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers, MPC-17-320. North Dakota State University - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Fargo: Mountain-Plains Consortium, 2017.

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