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Title:Analysis of Risk Factors in Severity of Rural Truck Crashes
Authors:Kimberly Vachal
University:North Dakota State University
Publication Date:Apr 2016
Report #:MPC-16-308
Project #:MPC-371
TRID #:01599272
Keywords:crash characteristics, crash data, crash severity, data analysis, drivers, injury severity, multiple vehicle crashes, rural areas, single vehicle crashes, truck crashes
Type:Research Report – MPC Publications


Trucks are a vital part of the logistics system in North Dakota. Recent energy developments have generated exponential growth in the demand for truck services. With increased density of trucks in the traffic mix, it is reasonable to expect some increase in the number of crashes. Analysis shows however, that the crash-injury risk associated with trucks cannot be explained solely with the traffic growth. Recent crash data has been analyzed to better understand characteristics and contributing factors in truck-involved crash events. Comparisons of truck-involved crashes to those not involving trucks show aspects of the crashes differ. In addition, multivariate models of three driver groups were defined, including truck drivers in multiple-vehicle crashes, other vehicle drivers in multiple-vehicle crashes, and truck drivers in single-vehicle crashes. Results reveal several predictors significantly associated with an increased likelihood for severe driver injury outcomes. Seat belt use was a significant predictor for severe injury likelihood in all models. Failure to stop or yield, rollover event, multiple truck involvement, curves and intersections were associated with increased likelihood for severe injury to truck drivers. Severe injury to other drivers in truck-involved crashes was associated with alcohol or drug involvement, head-on and sideswipe collisions, rollover event, weather and distracted driving. Findings largely were consistent with previous findings indicating some differences among driver group injury predictors. Understanding factors associated with increased likelihood for severe injury by driver group can encourage targeted interventions and countermeasures, which will them improve safety by reducing incidence of severe injury crashes involving trucks. Insight into truck crashes may allow drivers and businesses to identify areas for safety performance improvement.

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Vachal, Kimberly. Analysis of Risk Factors in Severity of Rural Truck Crashes, MPC-16-308. North Dakota State University - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Fargo: Mountain-Plains Consortium, 2016.

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