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Title:Cost-Benefit Analysis of Rural and Small Urban Transit
Authors:Ranjit Godavarthy, Jeremy Mattson, and Elvis Ndembe
Publication Date:Jul 2014
TRID #:01530873
Keywords:benefit cost analysis, economic development, literature reviews, mobility, public transit, rural transit, savings, sensitivity analysis, transportation disadvantaged persons, urban transit
Type:Research Report


This study focuses on the qualitative and quantitative benefits of small urban and rural public transit systems in the United States. First, a thorough review of previous literature is presented. Then, a framework is developed which focuses on three main areas of transit benefits most relevant to rural and small urban areas: transportation cost savings, low-cost mobility benefits, and economic development impacts. Data for small urban and rural transits systems from the National Transit Database (NTD) and Rural NTD were used for calibrating the transit benefits and costs. The benefits, costs, and benefit-cost analysis results of small urban and rural transit for this study are presented nationally, regionally (FTA regions), and locally (statewide). Sensitivity analysis was also conducted to illustrate how the national transit benefits and benefit-cost ratios vary with changes in key variables. With estimated benefit-cost ratios greater than 1, the results show that the benefits provided by transit services in rural and small urban areas are greater than the costs of providing those services.

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Godavarthy, Ranjit, Jeremy Mattson, and Elvis Ndembe. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Rural and Small Urban Transit. University of South Florida, Tampa: National Center for Transit Research, 2014.

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